We have adopted a dividend reinvestment plan (also known as a “DRIP”) that provides for reinvestment of our distributions to our common stockholders, unless a common stockholder elects to receive cash. On June 1, 2023, our Board adopted a change to our DRIP so that common stockholders may now receive a number of shares based on 95% of the market price per share of common stock at the close of regular trading on The Nasdaq Capital Market on the valuation date fixed by the Board for such distribution (i.e., the payment date), providing a 5% discount to the market price, which provides a benefit to common stockholders enrolled in our DRIP (provided their brokers or financial intermediaries participate).

A registered holder of our common stock may “opt out” of our DRIP and elect to receive an entire distribution in cash by notifying Equiniti Trust Company, LLC (f/k/a American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC, “Equiniti”), the plan administrator for our DRIP and our transfer agent and registrar, in writing so that such notice is received by the plan administrator no later than 10 days prior to the record date for distributions to our common stockholders. You may unknowingly have already “opted out” as many brokers or financial intermediaries, on behalf of their clients, automatically “opt out” of issuer-sponsored DRIP plans.


Shares held with a broker or financial intermediary

Common stockholders whose common stock is held through a broker or other financial intermediary (such as a bank) may receive distributions in cash by notifying their broker or other financial intermediary of their election. Many of our common stockholders may have been automatically “opted out” of our DRIP by their brokers or financial intermediaries. Even if you have elected to automatically reinvest your OFS Credit Company, Inc. common stock distributions with your broker or financial intermediary, your broker or financial intermediary may have “opted out” of our DRIP (which utilizes DTC’s dividend reinvestment program) and provides its own DRIP that reinvests distributions from your portfolio (including distributions received on our common stock) with different pricing and terms, and you may therefore not be receiving the 5% discount from the market price for your DRIP shares. If you are interested in participating in our DRIP, you should contact your broker or financial intermediary to confirm whether such DRIP participation election has been made for your benefit through DTC. In making such DRIP election, be sure to specify to your broker or financial intermediary that you desire to participate in the “OFS Credit Company, Inc. DRIP through DTC’s dividend reinvestment program” that issues shares based on 95% of the market price (a 5% discount to the market price), and not the broker's or financial intermediary’s own DRIP (if any) with no such discount.

Do not assume your broker or financial intermediary will automatically place you in our DRIP through DTC. You will need to make this election proactively with your broker or financial intermediary. Furthermore, do not assume that your broker or financial intermediary will participate in our DRIP on your behalf, even if you submit a request using the procedures described above. If you hold your common stock through a broker or financial intermediary that does not participate in our DRIP and, unless you arrange to do so directly through Equiniti, you will not be able to participate in our DRIP and any dividend reinvestment may be effected on different terms than those described here. Consult your financial advisor for more information.

Shares registered directly with our transfer agent

If you hold shares registered in your own name with our transfer agent (only a small number of our stockholders hold their shares this way) and want to make a change to how you receive your dividends, please contact our plan administrator, Equiniti Trust Company, LLC, Attn: Data Entry, 55 Challenger Road, Floor 2, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, or by Equiniti’s EQ Shareholder Services Call Center at (800) 937-5449.

The plan administrator will set up an account for shares acquired through our DRIP for each of our common stockholders who has not “opted out” by electing to receive distributions in cash and hold such shares in non-certificated form. Upon request by a common stockholder participating in our DRIP, received in writing not less than 10 days prior to the record date, Equiniti will, instead of crediting shares to the participant’s account, issue a certificate registered in the participant’s name for the number of whole shares and a check for any fractional share.


There will be no brokerage charges or other charges to our common stockholders who participate in our DRIP. The plan administrator’s fees will be paid by us. If a participant elects by written notice to the plan administrator to have the plan administrator sell part or all of the common shares held by the plan administrator in the participant’s account (including common shares issued under our DRIP) and remit the proceeds to the participant, the plan administrator is authorized to deduct a $15.00 transaction fee plus a $0.10 per common share brokerage commission from the proceeds.

Participating common stockholders who hold shares registered in their own name with our transfer agent may terminate their accounts under our DRIP by notifying the plan administrator via its website at, by filling out the transaction request form located at the bottom of their statement and sending it to the plan administrator. Such termination will be effective immediately if the participating common stockholder notice is received by the plan administrator not less than 10 days prior to any distribution record date; otherwise, such termination will be effective only with respect to any subsequent distribution.

We may terminate our DRIP at any time upon notice in writing mailed to each participant at least 30 days prior to any record date for the payment of any distribution by us.

If you withdraw from our DRIP or our DRIP is terminated, participating common stockholders will receive the number of whole shares in their account under our DRIP and a cash payment for any fraction of a share in the account.